by Ted G. Widen

"I was in awe as I unrolled my print. It is everything I could have hoped it would be. Of course, I knew that the photo was beautiful and dramatic; that was why I chose it. However, the details and colours of the Giclée print are amazing, even at the large size I ordered. I took it the next day to be framed, then waited impatiently for it to return. “Kerry’s Storm” now has a featured position on my wall, and I love it! Thank you for including the Certificate of Authenticity; it will be passed down with framed print, becoming a family heirloom. Thank you also for the page of guidelines to ensure the care of this valuable piece of art. There are several items that I did not previously know about."

by John Sweeney

"The tranquil beauty of Buddha by moonlight just fills me with peace and serenity every time I look at it.
I get such an artistic connection from this image of Peter’s dog. The perfectly cropped and balanced composition focusing on those beautiful intelligent eyes makes it an amazing capture.
Keep doing what you love, it shows."

by Tom O'Sullivan

"Over-The-Water has very many meanings for me. Your wonderful image captures the tremendous scenery north of the bridge. Then the other picture captures the perfect symmetry of the bridge itself, being shrouded in fog isolates it from everything else. These are two very different but powerful images. But fundamentally, the concept of a bridge itself has so many meanings. Bridging the time-frame to when (as a young boy) I used to cycle across the bridge (Over-The-Water) looking north at the beautiful mountains of Clanlinehan and Cnoc na d'Tobar. These images also help bridge the distance I now experience living across the ocean and on the Pacific side of Canada. And there's the generation bridge to my young Canadian kids. Hoping that the will enjoy crossing this bridge and feel as touched by this landscape of their ancestors. A bridge is a great connector. Your pictures have captured this perfectly for me.

Keep capturing these beautiful images!!