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Madeleine can present your hotel, property, garden or golfcourse at its best, offering an often unique perspective and one which will be both eye-catching and memorable. The training and experience that Madeleine brings to your location, means you will have the service of high-end, high resolution equipment combined with a remarkable instinct for seeing beauty. The result will be a series of professional images that will capture the very essence of your business.
For pricing details and further information, please contact Madeleine

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High Dynamic-Range Imaging (HDR or HDRI) Technology

Calaido's High Dynamic-Range Imaging (HDR) produces extraordinary results for you! How? A new crop of technologies using High Dynamic Range imaging expands the normal range of detailed portions of a photograph way beyond the limited range that people are accustomed to seeing with traditional media. HDR images consist of several pictures taken of a single frame, each shot adjusted slightly from a dark exposure to a light exposure, then the pictures are combined into one. This produces a photo in which the darkest and lightest parts of the picture, and everything in between, have full detail. There are no parts of the photo that are too light or too dark. This means that an interior photo of your guesthouse, conference room or spa can have perfect exposure of the featured room's beauty, as well as having the outside view in all its splendour.

Without using HDR

Result using HDR

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